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The difference between re fired magnesia and large crystal fused magnesia

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The difference between re fired magnesia and large crystal fused magnesia

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The heavy burned magnesite is mainly made of 46% magnesite, which is calcined at 1600 ℃ - 1800 ℃ through one layer of coal and one layer of magnesite in Tiepi Jian kiln. The production process is that two tons of ore produce one ton of heavy burned magnesia products, which are divided into three grades: first, heavy burned magnesia in front of kiln, second, under burned heavy burned magnesia, third, heavy burned magnesia. The main color of heavy burned magnesia products is hard reddish brown, and the characteristics of heavy burned magnesia products are high fire resistance.

Application of re fired magnesia products: the products are used for magnesia brick, magnesia aluminum brick, magnesia chrome brick, gunning repair material, castable material, dry material, coating material, furnace repair material, asphalt, casting, fire prevention and insulation material, flux auxiliary material, electric steelmaking furnace, heating furnace, rotary furnace, steelmaking, electric furnace bottom and ramming furnace lining.

Reborn magnesia

The product of large crystal fused magnesia is mainly made of 0-3 particles of magnesia with more than 90% content, which are melted in the electric arc furnace. The product has high purity, large crystal particles, compact structure, strong slag resistance and good thermal shock stability. It is an excellent high-temperature electrical insulation material, as well as an important raw material for making high-grade magnesia brick, magnesia carbon brick and unshaped refractories. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, national defense, scientific research, aerospace, household electrical components, etc.


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