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How to protect the furnace in splashing slag

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How to protect the furnace in splashing slag

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Furnace life is a comprehensive technical index of converter steelmaking. Increasing the furnace life can not only reduce the consumption of refractories, but also help to balance the organization of production and promote the virtuous cycle of production. Therefore, it is always the goal of iron and steel enterprises to increase the converter life by a large margin. Under the condition of high temperature and high oxidation, the lining of converter is eroded at the rate of 0.2-0.8mm/furnace. Slag splashing is a new technology developed in recent years to improve furnace life. The technology is to use the end-point slag with MgO content reaching saturation or supersaturation to cool and solidify on the surface of furnace lining through high-pressure nitrogen splashing, forming a layer of slag layer with high melting point, and bonding with furnace lining well. The slag splashing layer formed by slag splashing has good corrosion resistance, can inhibit the oxidation and decarbonization of the lining brick surface, and can reduce the erosion and erosion of high-temperature slag on the lining brick, so as to protect the lining brick, reduce the loss rate of refractory materials, reduce the consumption of gunning materials, improve the service life of the lining, improve the converter operation rate and reduce the production cost.

Light burned magnesium ball

The light burned magnesium ball is made of high active magnesium oxide as the main raw material, adding some additives, mixing, pressing ball machine or pelletizing plate to make the ball and drying.

Light burned magnesium ball is mainly used for slag making in converter steelmaking. The product is added into converter slag and reacts with slag rapidly, which can effectively adjust the composition of slag, make the main minerals in slag change into MgO, C3S and C2S phases with high melting point, improve the viscosity and melting point of slag, thus significantly improve the slag splashing effect. Therefore, the light burned magnesium ball is the composition regulator of slag splashing.

With the rapid development of metallurgical industry, open hearth steelmaking has been eliminated, and it has been transformed into large converter. The technology of slag splashing in converter is to use oxygen gun to blow nitrogen after converter tapping, to blow the residual slag containing a certain amount of MgO into the furnace wall evenly and spray a layer of slag on the furnace wall evenly, so as to protect the furnace lining.

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