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Light burned magnesium ball

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Light burned magnesium ball

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The company supplies light burned magnesium ball, model 60. Parameters: Model / specification * 60, product grade * other, category * other. Quality assurance, welcome to consult and discuss.

Light burned magnesium ball under new technology

The light burned magnesia ball is made of ordinary light burned magnesia powder, which is mixed and pressed. The light burned magnesium ball is mainly used for converter steelmaking and slag splashing, which can improve converter life. The preparation of light burned magnesia ball is to add 80% light burned magnesia powder into 20% water, put it into the mixer for rolling, mixing and mixing for 15-2omin to form the mixture, and then send the product to the press ball mechanism through the belt conveyor, and then stack it. After 48 hours of drying in the shade and forming strength, the finished product of light burned magnesium ball is ready for sale.

The light burned magnesium ball is used as the composition regulator of slag splashing in converter. Because slag splashing requires proper viscosity and fire resistance, reasonable slag composition is the key to implement slag splashing. General slag can't be splashed directly to protect the furnace. A certain amount of MgO ball should be added to adjust the slag. At the same time, the use of dolomite should be replaced to reduce the slag quantity and improve the MgO content in the slag.

Because MgO is a high melting point mineral, with a melting point of 2800 ℃, the increase of MgO content in the slag makes the slag viscosity larger and the fire resistance higher. The slag is easier to be combined with the furnace lining to form an effective slag protection layer on the furnace lining, so as to improve the life of the furnace lining and reduce consumption.

After adopting this technology, a steel company in the United States now has a furnace life of nearly 20000 and a converter operation rate of 97%. West Germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. are all implementing this technology. Many iron and steel enterprises are also actively developing and adapting their own slag splashing furnace protection technology, including TISCO, Chenggang, Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. since adopting slag splashing furnace protection technology, the maximum furnace life has been increased from 1500, 500, 700, 1100 to 12000, 1500, 8500, 10200 furnaces respectively, all of which have achieved great economic benefits.

However, at present, the quality of light roasted magnesium balls in the market varies. From the choice of raw materials, to the production and processing of products, to the transportation and sales, the pace of each company's progress is not consistent, resulting in customers and enterprises can not get the maximum benefit. Some products produced by the old production line of light burned magnesium balls which have not been reformed have low balling rate. After being processed by ball press, half of the raw materials are products and half are powder particles, which need to be returned to ball press manually for further processing; the ball is loose. Small density, low strength, easy to break. Especially in loading, unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling, the sphere is easy to be broken and the shape of the sphere is incomplete. Some are half ball, some are one third ball, some are lack of angle, different shapes, no luster on the surface, poor appearance and image; users are not satisfied. In the products sold, there are 20% - 35% small particles, powder particles and other mixtures, which users have raised objections for many times. The most important thing is that it will increase the cost of customers and cause serious damage to the life of converter lining masonry. Because of the loose, small density and low strength of the light burned magnesium ball, the ball is easy to break when loading, unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling. Therefore, when the light burned magnesium ball is put into the steel-making furnace and has not yet contacted with the molten steel, some broken block particles and powder particles are sucked out of the furnace by the strong negative pressure of the exhaust system on the top of the converter, collected by the electrostatic precipitator in the chimney and treated as waste separately, which results in the following three results: increase the damage degree of the converter lining masonry, increase the damage degree of the exhaust system equipment, and increase the damage degree of the exhaust system equipment Consumption of light burned magnesium balls per ton of steel.


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