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How to check if magnesium oxide is out of date

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How to check if magnesium oxide is out of date

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How to check whether magnesium oxide has undergone serious transformation and expiration? For example, if magnesium oxide is dripped beyond the shelf life, it will infect its own activity. However, although there is a large amount of magnesium oxide in stock, it will be destroyed if it is given up. At present, we report that you can check whether it can be manipulated in the following aspects. Magnesium oxide manufacturer

At first, it is the initial examination. Under normal circumstances, magnesium oxide should be a white powder. If the magnesium oxide changes, the face will change. Otherwise, the whiteness of magnesium oxide is low, and the activity of magnesium oxide will change. Otherwise, if the phenomenon of magnesium oxide can be observed, the nature is uneven, so it is usually not used

Magnesium oxide manufacturer

Then check the storage terms of magnesium oxide: magnesium oxide is an extremely simple moisture absorbing material. If you don't do a good job of moisture-proof in the process of storage for fear of transportation, it may cause magnesium oxide denaturation and loss of use cost. In the ordinary operation, you can build magnesium oxide to prevent water absorption and degeneration through the following routes. 1. Cover the plastic film and lay plastic film on the ground, If you are not willing to change the bag for packaging, you can choose this step-by-step moisture-proof; 2. Place lime blocks after stacking to prevent moisture absorption, which is another way to avoid magnesium oxide moisture absorption and decrease activity; 3. Because calcium oxide has stronger moisture absorption, it is very effective to place calcium oxide in the hotel as a moisture reducing agent to reduce the humidity of the warehouse;

The ultimate goal is to make clear how long Magnesium Oxide is beyond the shelf life: how long is the end of the storage time of Magnesium Oxide? One or two months beyond the shelf life, and one and two years beyond the shelf life are destined to be very big. The second is where Magnesium Oxide is used. Is it important to use Magnesium Oxide products? If there is a problem, will it form a greater loss? Generally speaking, If there is no significant change in the surface of magnesium oxide, we suggest that it is better to check the activity of magnesium oxide from a new point of view. After special inspection and equipment, the activity of magnesium oxide can be measured in a quantitative and detailed way, so as to ensure that the activity will not be reduced or misused due to too long time of placing, and then the quality of the products will be affected

The main point is that we hope to use it within the warranty period. Otherwise, if it is backward, the best maintenance will affect its activity, and destroy the purchased magnesium oxide. We hope that we can all use high-quality magnesium oxide

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