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Does magnesia have harm to the body?

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Does magnesia have harm to the body?

Release date:2020-01-08 Author: Click:

Everyone subconsciously thinks that all chemical raw materials are toxic, so many people want to stay away from chemical materials as soon as they touch them. So is magnesium oxide harmful to the body? Light burning powder manufacturer

First of all, Magnesium Oxide itself is non-toxic and tasteless, but because it belongs to the dust category, front-line workers should pay attention to dust prevention in long-term work, in order to avoid "lung disease". And magnesia powder and talcum powder are commonly used lubricants for athletes, which are harmless to human body. Magnesium oxide can also be used as antacid, purgative agent, neutralizing gastric acid, neutralizing gastric acid faster, stronger, lasting, no carbon dioxide, protecting ulcer surface.

To sum up, we know that magnesium oxide is not harmful to the body, so you can use it at ease.

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