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Actively respond to the impact of magnesium oxide Market

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Actively respond to the impact of magnesium oxide Market

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In recent years, the magnesium oxide market has been severely impacted, and this situation will continue for a while, so we must not take it lightly. In the face of severe challenges, magnesium oxide manufacturers are not doing nothing, but actively responding to them. They seize the opportunity to change the development mode, vigorously promote the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, strive to develop high-end magnesium oxide products with promising market prospects, close and eliminate a number of backward production capacity, and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Development is the absolute principle. To get rid of difficulties, accelerating development is the fundamental way out. Magnesium oxide industry is an important growth point of the company's economic development in the future. As a leading domestic magnesium oxide production base, the company should make great efforts to focus on the development of high-tech, high environmental protection, high-end magnesium oxide products with large market demand and good efficiency, and constantly improve its core competitiveness.



Magnesium oxide is produced with soluble salt and ammonium bicarbonate as raw materials and two sets of advanced automatic processes of dolomite carbonization. It has a complete range of raw materials, semi-finished product detection means and fine processing. The product has stable quality and good performance. From 1995 to 2013, it has been leading the domestic magnesium oxide industry market for more than ten years, with a market share of more than 90%. It is a famous brand product in the magnesium salt industry in China, ranking first in terms of annual sales volume and leading in terms of market share in China. For the future development of the company area, we will pay attention to the high-end development of magnesium oxide chemical industry, attach great importance to environmental protection, and the environmental protection standard should be higher than the national standard. Develop and produce better high-end magnesium oxide products for the development of domestic magnesium oxide brands, so as to promote the overall development of domestic magnesium oxide Market.

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